Last Weekend Events

To all that came out to the 200 yd Steel plate shoot and the 3 Gun, thanks for your help and participation. The weather was a little crisp each morning but the sun was out and warmed up by noon. We had a big turnout for the 200 yd steel plate shoot. I like to call it weird weapon day. We had Russian guns, Garands, an HCAR, Ruger Precision Rifles, and AR’s of every flavor out there. Now that the election is over, people needed to expend some of their zombie apocalypse cache of ammo to make room for Xmas presents.

The 3 Gun course was simple until we ran our relay team drill with a bucket, two short pieces of wood and a tool box. Teams had to complete the same single person event but with two shooters and pile of dead weight that had to get to the end of the stage before the timer stopped. The goal was to distract shooters enough to see how well their subconscious shooting skills took over while they concentrated on working as a team. If anything, shooters could see how things could go south real fast. I have never seen so many firearm malfunctions in one day (Glock, Mossberg). Despite all the difficulty, the teams pulled it together and finished. I applaud everyone that participated. Above all, we had two safe shooting events.

Saturday, December 10th is our next 3 Gun.

See you there!


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  1. Jerrod Brunk says:

    Glad to hear the events are going so well. It’s killing me that I haven’t been able to participate and keep up. Very disappointed I missed the AR clinic again too. I’m hoping that will change soon. Appreciate all the efforts on behalf of the club.

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