Weekend Events

Arlington Members!

We have some action packed, lead slinging, freedom lovin’ firearm events in store for you this weekend. So if you are fed up with the recent election hoopla, come out and direct that pent up energy on some steel targets.

200 yd steel plate shoot on Saturday 12 November

Bring your warmies because it is supposed to be a little chilly Saturday morning. This is our static rifle shoot on the 200 yd range. Not a lot of rules above the standard AGC safety rules. Just keep your armor piercing rounds at home. Safety Brief at 9 and Steel load out at 830 by the shed.

3 Gun Fun on the 200, Sunday 13 November

This is our usual run and gun 3 Gun event. Safety brief at 9 and steel load out at the shed around 8.


AR type semiauto .223/5.56 only (no green tip or armor piercing ammo)

9, 40 , 45 semiauto pistol (no magnums)

Shotgun of your choice (bird shot only)

No magazine restrictions, special match rules or time wasting processes. Just some gunfightin’ against paper and steel.

Course of fire will be determined day of the event. A donation of $10 for the event per shooter will go to the steel fund. Have at least 2 magazines per firearm and something to carry them on your person. A rifle sling is a great help but not mandatory. Full coverage eye protection will be worn at all times while the event is running. Hearing protection of your choice. Oh yeah, please someone bring another magazine fed shotgun so I can be entertained with endless malfunctions.

See you there!


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