Last Weekends Events

ARPC Members,

Saturday, ARPC conducted its second Tactical Carbine Clinic this year with 10 participants. It was a full 8 hours of shooting and running drills. Shooters learned how to perform drills outside their comfort zone and test their limits while shooting and moving. I appreciate all of the folks coming out with open minds and great attitudes. I took comments at the end and will make changes for the next time around.

Sunday, ARPC conducted a 3 Gun event with more than 20 participants. The beautiful weather was in the 80’s and perfect for the event. We voted in a new member, Nik, on the range. Miguel brought some fantastic Mexican food from his restaurant for all to enjoy. The shooter’s event times were competitive. Most participants were able to run the event at least 3 times. I’d like to thank all of the folks that made this possible for the weekend. Without our great member volunteers, we would not have been able to offer these great events.


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  1. Scott Sauvageot says:

    You forgot to mention that there was also a wildly successful Women On Target event last weekend as well. This event, coordinated by Cissy Cheney of Meade and Wendy Sauvageot of Arlington gave 14 women a terrific day of classroom and pistol range instruction. We had nearly as many volunteers helping us as there were students. All of the women had a terrific time and learned a great deal.

  2. says:

    thanks Paul   

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