Volunteers are needed to help with the Women on Target program on Saturday, October 29th

From Wendy S.,

Hi everyone! It feels like fall is upon us, which means it’s the perfect season to welcome some new shooters to the sport! The final 2016 session of the Meade/Arlington Women on Target Pistol Shooting Clinic is Saturday, 29 October at the AGC in Marriottsville, and as always we need our wonderful volunteers to help make it happen.

If you would like to volunteer, please review the job descriptions below and reply to let us know which position(s) you would be interested in (or, any you would really NOT be interested in). If you have any special considerations (for example, if this is your last chance to get NRA instructor credit this year) please let us know. We’ll take a look at all the responses and put together our volunteer roster to make sure we have all our bases covered.

  • Event RSO: Controls the firing line for the duration of the clinic (i.e., cease fires, line is hot, etc.), conducts range brief when students first arrive on the line, assigns students to lanes for first rotation (preferably NRA certified)
  • Coach: Provides personal firearms for student use, sets and re-sets targets, coaches students on fundamentals of shooting and ensures safe firearms handling, guides students in following range rules
  • Line Wrangler: Ensures the line rotations happen smoothly, coordinates with clinic director and RSOs, interfaces with visitors if needed (crowd control), brings ammo to coaches on the line, ensures students remain organized during cease fires, advises coaches if students are hitting the grass
  • Floater: Assists coaches, RSOs, line wrangler, clinic director, etc. as needed
  • Photographer: Documents classroom activity, group photo at beginning of first range session, and close-ups of coaches and students to provide to NRA, event organizers/sponsors, and students
  • Instructor: Teaches classroom curriculum, coordinates classroom activities, must be NRA certified Basic Pistol Instructor
  • Classroom Assistant: Assists with signing students in and other administrative items; helps with in-class demonstrations such as handling drills; may assist with setting up lunch

Thanks for your help!


6 Responses to Volunteers are needed to help with the Women on Target program on Saturday, October 29th

  1. Rich says:

    I am available to help

  2. Rich Bruhn says:

    I am available to help.


  3. myohyperplasia says:

    Hi, I am eager to help coach. I have multiple rimfire and centerfire firearms to contribute.

    – David L.


  4. Ben Feck says:

    My email is not sending. I will be available for coaching in the 29th

  5. Pat Koehler says:

    Was ready to volunteer but then I checked my schedule and found I am working
    as an early election judge this coming weekend. Sorry, maybe in the new year. Pat

  6. blairshawjr@verizon.net says:

    I will try to be availab

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