ARPC Invitational Carbine Clinic

Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club will be hosting an Invitational Tactical Carbine Clinic on the AGC 200 yd range, Saturday 29 October 2016, 0800-1600hrs.

Who: Intermediate to Advanced level AR carbine shooters

What: The clinic is tailored for shooters to improve accuracy and speed for tactical or competition purposes. The focus is on shooter movement, firearm controls manipulation, target transitions, barricade work, malfunctions, optics and sight adjustment, gear setup, stress shooting and more. This is a fairly physically demanding event that involves running and being on your feet all day. We will probably break for a small lunch at noon. It will be fast paced.

We have 14 seats. There is a $100 fee for the clinic. Last year, the seats filled up very quickly. It is a full day event and shooters must be there from the beginning of the event to participate. This is a closed event to spectators. All of the details will be given once all the participants are identified.

If you are not sure if you qualify or have another AGC club member in mind, contact me via the Executive Officer Club email address on the ARPC website as soon as you can.

Paul Casale


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