Operation Slumber Party Steel and 3 Gun 16-17 Sep 2016 Success


We had our first Low light steel event with a little camping and it was a safe and successful event. Night vision, flashlights and lasers with AR’s and semiautomatic pistols on a Friday night. How many of your friends at work got to do that. Either way, you should have some good "water cooler" talk for Monday at work on what you did this weekend. I sense some "There I was, no kidding" stories with your friends. The weather was perfect and we even had a Super Moon that night. All we needed was some unicorns and a rainbow the next day to round everything out.

The 3 Gun was our most elaborate to date. Even with shooting restrictions on the 200yd range, we still managed to set up a gauntlet for pistol and two 45 degree offset shotgun target arrays. The recorded times were close between shooters. Definitely competitive. The reset of targets was fairly quick. Best of all is that some of our regular shooters from Tuesday nights stepped up to run timers and execute safe range operations. "Mom" Pat and Bob kept our bellies full with good food and snacks.

Thanks to all that participated and helped run the two day event. We were all tired but knew it was worth it. We even got Rob C. out there talking his magic to new and interested shooters that heard all the noise from the other side of the AGC and wanted to see the action.

Our next event is Sunday, 9 October. Pistol Steel on the pistol range.

See you there!

Paul Casale


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