Beginner Action Shooting Event

ARPC Members,

The AGC Action Shooting Committee is hosting events for shooters that are interested learning how to participate in action shooting. The ARPC Tuesday Night Steel and Mulitgun Tactical events are becoming more advanced as the core of the participants are becoming more competitive making it more difficult for beginners to attend. So, for those that might be a little intimidated by action shooting or need to work on basic carbine or pistol skills, the AGC action events might be your thing. Take a look below.



When: July 28th 2016 – 200 yard range – 6:00 pm till 8:00pm

Class is limited to 20 shooters.

The course is designed to introduce BEGINNER ACTION SHOOTERS to AGC ACTION SHOOTING. RIFLE, PISTOL and SHOTGUN (2gun or 3 gun). The course will instruct students on what to do, when and how to do it. The course will not be teaching students to shoot a shotgun, pistol, rifle but will teach ACTION SHOOTING procedures and Specifically the Safety Procedures. The course is open to all members of AGC. Please be familiar with your rifle, shotgun and pistol. How to load, shoot and handle your Rifle, shotgun and pistol before joining this class.

INTRODUCTION TO INSTRUCTORS: Paul Shinol, Jeff Coe, Rick Hensley, Justin Mallette


  1. Arriving at the field

  2. Removing and handling your shotgun and/or pistol from vehicle (unloaded, action open, ECI’s, MUZZLE CONTROL.

  3. Transporting firearm(s) to shooting area

  4. SAFE AREAS and Tables

  5. Whom and what authority does the RO or RSO have

  6. Never argue with the RO officials on Safety issue. Please obey their directions.

  7. Leave all ammo and guns in your vehicle until directed to remove from the instructors on day of class.


  1. Shotgun ammo: 1200 FPS (feet per second) or less

  2. #7 ½ , 8 or 9 lead shot only

  3. Rifle. 3000 FPS or less, No steel jacket ammo or armor piercing, no magnum ammo.

  4. Pistol ammo: Most calibers 380 to 45. No 44mag or magnum ammo. no steel jacket ammo

  5. Purpose of these rules

KNOW WHERE YOUR GUN SHOOTS before the class:

  1. Use the shotgun patterning area for shotguns

  2. Use the Pistol range to zero pistol


  1. Ear Protection (Mandatory)

  2. Eye Protection (Mandatory)

  3. ECI for all guns (Mandatory)

  4. Suggested: Belt Magazine holder for pistol, shell holder for shotgun shells

  5. Shotguns such as used in 3 gun are suggested but bring your Pump shotgun, Hunting shotgun

Riot gun to get started. We have several classes of shooting for different type guns.

  1. Semi auto pistols are suggested but revolvers are also acceptable.

  2. Kydex pistol holders are required for Holster Certified members

  3. AR type rifles are recommended but other will be allowed if Match Director approves them.


  1. Removing your firearm from the rack or table

  2. Approaching the line of fire

  3. Foot set up and hold positions

  4. How and when to load (magazine changes and shotgun loading procedures during shoot)


  6. Timers/RO commands and instructions

  7. Procedure during shoots, unloading and ECI, returning gun to safe area


  1. Each student will need a minimum of 2 boxes of 25 target loads (see above) for a practice round,

50 rounds of pistol ammo, 50 rounds of rifle ammo

  1. There will be several advisors/RO’s to help on the line

  2. Cost for class is $8.00 for adults. $.400 for juniors

  3. Course should take approximately 1 -2 hours.

  4. Class is limited to 20 students.

EMAIL: ACTION to register or have questions.


2 Responses to Beginner Action Shooting Event

  1. L Oscar says:

    Hi, Please let me know if you are planning to offer the Beginner Action Shooting Event in the near future.  I have the required equipment but lack the experience. Thanks, Lee

  2. Richard Vogel says:

    I would like to register for the Beginner Action Shooting Event

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