Pistol Steel Fun Shoot 10 July 2016

Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club will be hosting a pistol steel fun shoot on 10 July 2016 from 0900-1500 hrs on the 50 yd AGC pistol range. This is a popular event for folks that just want to hear that clanging of steel sound. There is no course of fire to follow. The event is open to ARPC, AGC members and their guests. Members will follow the guest policy. If your guest shoots, you do not.

Firearms: Pistol caliber handguns only. NO SBR’s, AK/ AR pistols of any kind. If it looks like an AR or AK and shoots 9mm/ .22lr and such, leave it in your car or at home. They can present a flagging problem on the pistol range.

Ammunition: Pistol caliber only .22, 38, 9mm, 40, 45 (NO 50 cal or magnum rounds)

We will be grilling at the range. So bring some cash for donations.

We might have some of the new cool looking T-shirts for sale as well for $15.

Full coverage eye protection is mandatory for this event. Prescription non-ballistic eye-wear or sunglasses will not provide enough protection. We will have some plain full coverage shooting glasses on hand to loan out if need be.

Holster certified folks will be able to shoot from the holster at the plate rack on the far right lanes (only authorized holster lanes). No holsters may be worn anywhere else by any shooter but on those lanes.

Safety briefs will be given at 0900 and anytime a new shooter comes to the range. No one will shoot without a safety brief.

See you there!


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