Procedure Changes for Trap at AGC

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

Please note the changes to AGC trap fees and operations. There has been a small increase to the trap fees, due to the increased price of clays. There are also new procedures to pay for rounds of trap.  Information from the notices is provided below and available in the Downloads section on the right-hand side of the web site.

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Option 1

  • Go to the AGC website (
  • Click on ONLINE PURCHASES (Trap tickets are sold in books of 5 or 10 tickets) (AGC requires purchases with a credit card to be a minimum of 1 book of 5 tickets) Books of 10 trap tickets are discounted. Public and AGC members can use this option.
  • Chose item required and number of Trap books required
  • Pay and print receipt. A receipt will also be emailed to you
  • Bring Receipt to RSO and collect your book of tickets
  • Email receipt on smart phone is also acceptable. RSO will record receipt number and serial numbers of trap tickets issued

Option 2


                       How can I pay for trap? HELP

  • Log into the AGC website with your smartphone and/or the RSO will have a laptop during Public you can use to order trap tickets.
  • Follow instructions above after login. Do not log off until RSO gets the receipt number from your purchase.

Option 3

  • AGC trap tickets will be for sale at the Barnes Building while the range is open.  Trap tickets may be purchased during this time using cash or credit card.  Single tickets will be available.



Starting March 14TH 2016

Shooters will pay using a ticket system

Trap prices will increase:

  • AGC Range Badge Holders – $4.00 per round, singles
  • To The Public – $6.00 per round
  • Juniors – $3.00 per round
  • Ticket sold in quantities as needed.
  • Tickets will normally be sold in units of 5
  • Discounts available for purchase of 10. $37.50 and $57.50
  • Thru May 30th 2016 purchase TRAP tickets from RSO or employees on duty at Lower Barnes Building or RSO on Duty during Public Trap
  • AFTER May 30th 2016 Trap tickets will no longer be sold during PUBLIC TRAP * some exceptions for 1st time shooters. (RSOs to accommodate new shooters.)
  • These changes are being made to facilitate accounting for Public and Wobble trap, plus insure the safety of AGC employees.
  • Trap tickets are acceptable payment for Wobble, Public, and Club trap shoots.
  • Increases were necessary to keep the facility maintained and offset increases in costs.
  • Please give Trap Tickets to RSO or Trap Volunteer when you sign up to shoot.


Wobble speakers and house will be open when Range is open. Always notify RSO before start. Phone number is on your Range Badge. Write starting and ending count number on first trap ticket with your AGC badge number. Divide number of whole birds by 25. Defective birds do not count. Initial all the Trap tickets used for payment. Give tickets to RSO or place in drop box (choose which, I think) if available. All other wobble rules apply. See AGC website for information on use. Ask the RSO or Trap Chairman and Trap Volunteers for help using Wobble use if you need it. These policies above do not change Club or Club Event trap use or payment procedures. But Trap tickets are acceptable for payment at these events.

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