100yd Steel Event, Saturday 19 March 2016

100yd Steel Event, Saturday 19 March 2016

Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club will be hosting a 100yd Steel Shooting Event on the Barnes Range. This event is a great opportunity to shoot those guns we normally restrict from use on our 3 Gun events. There will be multiple AR500 steel plates mounted at 100yds for some simple lead slingin’ fun.

Standard AGC range rules apply during this event. ARPC and their guests are welcome to participate. You may shoot rimfire to .308 at these legacy steel targets. So bring your AK’s, AR’s, SKS, bolt action and hand cannons. NO MAGNUM or Steel Penetrator/Armor Piercing rounds. You may not shoot any ammunition that exceeds 2800 FPS. So if you bring a 22-250 that shoots at 4200 FPS, you may not shoot it at our steel.

The Boy Scouts will be selling food as part of a fundraiser by the Barnes range house, so we will not have our usual range chow provided by Mom Pat.

Safety Brief will be given at 0900 and no person may shoot without receiving the safety brief.

See you there!

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