Saturday, 20 Feb 2016 Pistol Steel Event

Pistol Steel Event 20 Feb 2016

Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club will be hosting a Pistol Steel shooting event on 20 Feb 2016 between 0900hrs to 1500hrs at the 50 yd pistol range. This will be an open format shoot with no specific course of fire. Targets will be AR500 plate steel setup at ranges from 15 yds to 50 yds across 10 lanes. The event is open to ARPC members, other invited AGC clubs and invited guests.


The guidelines and rules set forth are not presented to be difficult or limit your fun factor but are for the safety of you and your fellow shooters as well as preserve the integrity of our shooting steel.


For those with the AGC holster certification badge, there will be some steel setup on the far right two positions for holster draw practice. These are the only approved lanes for certified holster draw on the 50 yd range. If you do not have an AGC Holster cert, please leave your holster in your car as you are not approved to fire with a holster at this event.

Guns and Ammo:

Only pistol caliber handguns may be fired at this event. No long guns of any type. Long guns at the pistol range can present a muzzle awareness problem as seen in the past. AK, AR pistol and SBRs can be left at home for the same reason. Not to mention, these firearms are chambered to fire calibers that can present ricochet risks at close range.

No magnum (except .22 magnum) or armor piercing rounds may be fired. Ammo that is rimfire / centerfire.17 to .45 cal may be fired. Leave your .50 AE Desert Eagles at home please. If you are caught violating these club event rules, you will be asked to leave.

Safety Brief:

A detailed safety brief that covers firearms handling, target engagement and emergency procedures will be given. No shooter will be allowed to shoot without a safety brief from a club board member. The ARPC XO will be responsible for the initial brief at 0900ish. Any walk-on personnel arriving throughout the day will be briefed individually.

Weather and kit:

You are required to bring everything you need to shoot including eye and ear protection, ECI’s, and weather appropriate gear. The weather for Saturday is forecast to be sunny and 59 degrees.


Our usual complement of Mom Pat’s Range chow will be on hand for your consumption. So please bring some cash to donate in order to keep our self sustaining food fund running for future events.

POC for this event is the ARPC XO. Above all, have fun! See you on the Range!

Paul Casale


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  1. Keith Cummings says:

    Paul What do we need to do to get an AGC holster certification badge?

    Keith Cummings

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