Town Hall in Salisbury with Delegate Mike Smigiel

This Saturday, February 6th, Delegate Mike Smigiel and Captain Jack McCauley will be giving a Town Hall in Salisbury, Maryland on what is happening in Maryland regarding our Second Amendment rights. If you are free Saturday, this would be an outstanding event to attend. Delegate Smigiel has been the pointy end of the spear for our 2A rights every year in Annapolis. He has amazing information as to what actually happened in 2013 when the most severe infringement on our 2nd Amendment Rights occurred with the passing of the Firearms Safety Act. Captain Jack McCauley was in charge of the Handgun Review Board for the Maryland State Police. Captain McCauley now shares compelling testimony about how he discovered that the long standing position of the State of Maryland of restricting the issue Wear and Carry Permits for honest citizens in Maryland was wrong.

I have included two flyers that were created for the event. One is easier to print in black and white if needed. There are links to RSVP for the dinner after the TownHall as well.

For Tickets to the WildGame Buffet

For more information on the Townhall

Thank you,

Rob Cowan
President, Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club

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