200-yd Steel Shoot Saturday, February 16th – Frame Build for Sunday Cancelled

Saturday February 6, 2016 Event Format Change, 200 yd steel shoot

Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club was scheduled for a 3 Gun event on February 6th from 9am to 3pm. Due to the weather, moisture content of the grounds and safety concerns on the 200yd range, we are changing the format to a 200 yd steel shoot.

We will have our legacy steel setup on tactical stands at or near the berm that we will engage from the covered area on the 200 yd line. This 200 yd shoot is no different than any other except we will be using the new method of hanging the steel.

Ammunition restrictions: No magnum or armor piercing of any kind allowed. Rifles shooting up to a 30 cal size equivalent is allowed. If you are not sure if it is authorized, ask us at the range. Willful violators will be asked to leave.

Administrative: AGC clubs and their guests are welcome. The range is closed for our event, so there should not be any walk-ons or range co-use. There will be food available at the 200 yd line for a usual donation. So bring some cash. Our 200 yd events do not have an event donation associated with them. Safety brief will be given 0900ish and again for any folks arriving late. No one is allowed to shoot without a safety brief and the required eye and ear protection. ECI use and standard AGC range rules apply for this event. It is a static shoot. There will be no running around with guns at the 200 yd event. Please bring any event concerns or questions to the ARPC XO, Paul Casale, on the morning of the event.

Also, the frame build scheduled for Sunday is cancelled. AGC currently has enough frames.


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