The AGC Will Need Volunteers to Help Dig Out of the Snow

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club members,

The AGC will need help digging out after the storm. If anyone would like to help, you can also receive range badge credit. Check in with the range before going there to make for sure the RSO staff is there: 410-461-8532. Range Badge Credit can be applied to the purchase of a range badge. If you volunteer 40 hours in a year, you will receive a free range badge. Please sign in with the RSO to ensure you get credit.

Stay warm and be careful driving and shoveling!

Bust Fest Cancelled Due to Weather

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

Due to the severe snow storm predicted for this weekend, we will be canceling Sunday’s Bust Fest. Please stay warm and be careful this weekend!

Thank you,

Night Steel Fun Shoot – Wednesday Jan 20, 2016 from 4:00pm – 8:00pm at the AGC 200yd Range

Arlington is invited to Greenbelt’s night shoot on Wednesday. See the announcement below.


Next Wednesday evening, January 20, 2016 we will hold our second annual Night Steel Fun Shoot on the AGC 200 yard range from 4:00pm – 8:00pm.

In the event of rain this event will be cancelled.

If you are able to show up by 3:30pm to lend a hand with setup, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

The hanging steel targets will be illuminated by halogen lights to provide a fun challenge under low light conditions.

Initially the targets will be engaged from 100 yards and the firing line may be moved forward or back at the discretion of the Match Director.

Please see the attached Match Bulletin for complete details.

Food will be available for a $5 donation.”

Reminder: Arlington Club Meeting this Wednesday

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

We are having our monthly club meeting on Wednesday, January 13th from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. in Memorial Hall.

We will be having a special guest speaker, Mr. Dan Blasberg, President of Maryland Shall Issue. Mr. Blasberg will speak about current gun control issues, including what to expect at the upcoming Maryland Legislative Session. Dan spoke to our club last fall and he gave us some amazing insights.

Every year the Maryland Legislature proposes new legislation that will further infringe on our 2nd Amendment rights in Maryland. We need to let our representatives know how we feel about the bills they are proposing, by sending emails, making phone calls, attending the House and Senate Hearings and the 2A Tuesday Rally. If we don’t participate in the process, they will only hear from the Anti-2A crowd. Please get involved! Check the AGC legislative website on a regular basis: to keep up with the proposed bills as they are filed and access the email tool that will allow you to email every legislator with the push of a button about a given bill.

The 2A Tuesday – Pro 2A Rally is coming up on February 2nd (Ground Hog Day) in Annapolis. I will post more information about the rally in the next day or so. A bunch of us get together for breakfast before heading to the rally in the morning and meet for lunch afterwards. It is a lot of fun. It is also an opportunity to meet with your representatives. We also be doing the same thing on for the Gun Bill Hearing days for the Maryland House and Senate. It is a real education to attend the hearings.

Don’t forget to bring a show and tell item, if you have one to the club meeting. If you have any AGC raffle tickets, sold or unsold, please bring them to the meeting and give them to Dave Boone. Please make a last ditch effort to sell any tickets you still have.

Have a great week!


Event Announcement: 10 Jan 2016 50 yd Pistol Steel Shoot

10 Jan 2016 50 yd Pistol Steel Shoot

Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club will be conducting a 50 yd pistol steel shoot on Sunday, 10 Jan 2016, 9am to 3 pm on the AGC 50 yd pistol steel range. We will have a variety of steel setup from 15 yds to 50 yds. This is a club fun shoot and designed to give the shooter time to work on fundamentals without the need to constantly setup and check paper targets.

AGC Range rules will be in effect and anyone wanting to shoot on our lanes require a safety brief. The first safety brief will begin around 9am. Anyone that shows up throughout the day must see the ARPC event RSO to be briefed prior to shooting.

There are no specific gear requirements. Just bring what you need to shoot along with eye and ear protection. This is not a closed range. So there will be non event shooters on the line. Unless you have a new AGC holster certification (yellow AGC badge), you may not use a holster at all during this event. It will be cold and possibly wet, so dress accordingly. Don’t forget to bring your ECI’s. We will have some for sale if you forgot yours.

Ammunition: Pistol calibers only and no carbine style pistols. No rimfire rifles or long guns of any kind.That means no AR or AK pistols. No armor piercing or magnum rounds. Violators will be asked to leave.

Guests are welcome and we will be able to vote in any new members on site.

We will have hot chow on hand for donation as always. See you there!