NRA Membership Renewals

NRA Membership Renewals

While you are reading the latest and great news on the ARPC web page you may have noted hot button icons along the right hand side of the page. I call your attention to the NRA icon topping the list. Please use it with your next renewal. The club receives a stipend (commission) with each online membership. If you are considering a life membership the NRA has tempting discounts available. They are as follows:

Lifetime memberships for $375.00 if you are a DAV or over 64 years of age.

If you are of geezer age or a DAV, click on the Juniors, Distinguished or Other Memberships tab for your selection.

Lifetime memberships are available for $500.00 (reduced rate until 31 December 2015).

Typically lifetime memberships cost $1000.00. The rate will increase on the new year to $1500.00.

Occasionally, the NRA discounts rates throughout the year but it is unknown if that trend will continue.

If you are considering a lifetime membership at the $500.00 rate, do not use the icon as it does not support
the $500.00 rate. Call the NRA at 1-877-NRA-2000 (M-F 8-9 and Sat 9-6).

Finally, an interest free, credit card installment plan (easy pay) is available for discounted lifetime memberships BUT the cost is $600.00 vice $500.00.

If you do call for renewal be prepared for additional offers.

Pat Koehler
ARPC NRA Recruiter

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