3-Gun Shoot Saturday, October 31st


Reminder: 3-Gun Shoot Saturday, October 31st from 9:00 – 3:00 p.m. Please come out around 8:00 a.m. if you can to help with set up. There will be a safety briefing at 9:00 a.m.

Since it is Halloween, the participant with the best costume wins a prize.

The 3 Gun events will be the same format as previous with a few changes.

The ammo restrictions are the same but the shooter can carry as much as they want on their person for the COF. No slugs or Buck shot use only bird shot, no armor piercing (M855), magnum or equivalent, only .223/5.56 for rifle. Semi auto rifle only, no bolt action or relics. Semi auto pistol with no magnum rounds. No limit on mag size or capacity. Pump or semi auto shotguns allowed. Problematic magazine fed shotguns, although cool, tend to jam and slow down the event. Bring em if you want but be prepared for the dirty looks like someone gives an old person that writes checks in the line at Walmart.

Drawing from the holster with a dry gun/ no magazine inserted only. Shooter must load pistol on the line and only after the pistol is drawn.

The COF will be scored by hits only and missed steel is a 5 second penalty added to final time. Estimate COF to be less than 2-3 minutes for the slowest shooter. No reset time needed as all targets are steel.

COF will be briefed that morning. There will be rifle, shotgun and pistol steel to shoot at. I am planning to run this like a match this time, so shooters that just want to plink and try new guns should come on a Tuesday night steel event.

Event will be $10 per shooter.

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