AGC Cutthroat Tournament, Sunday, October 25th

Cutthroat Trophy

The Cut Throat Match is scheduled for Sunday, October 25th. See the flyer

Just a few house keeping items:
Registration begins at 10:15 am

Included in your registration fee of $8 are your targets, Hot Dog/Burger, Chips, and a Drink. The organizers have asked that the participants bring any of the following:

1) Cole Slaw
2) Baked Beans
3) Cookies/Cupcakes
4) Paper Towels
5) Paper plates
6) Pickles
7) Fruit Salad
8) Any additional meats for the grill you like or would rather eat. (Chicken, Sausages, etc.)

Finally, in addition to other prizes, there will be a Trophy awarded to the Winner of the Match. It is really, really cool (see below).

Take care and pray for good weather.

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