Tuesday Night Steel Shoots

Tuesday Night Steel 13 Oct 2015 1730-2000 hrs

Well, it is official. The AGC Trustees approved our night shoot concept and we will begin next Tuesday 13 Oct. The day portion will remain the same as usual until dusk. We will then transition gear out for night shooting gear, give the night brief and get to work.

It is important to note that the night shoot is for experienced day tactical shooters from our Tuesday Night Steel events and not for beginners. A lot of the night shooting risk is mitigated through training and vetting shooters at the day shooting events by the ARPC XO. So please, no beginners at the night shoots. In addition, the RSSOP committee approved our night shoot status with the caveat that we properly rack and use ECI’s while firearms are not carried as well as keep control of people coming onto the the range to participate. More details will be provided at the event.

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    AWESOME!! Kudos to Paul!Paul Buker   

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