Saturday’s 3-Gun Event Details, September 19, 2015

ARPC Multigun Steel Event (Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun) Saturday, 19 September

Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club will be hosting a multigun gun steel event on Saturday 19 September 0900-1500 hrs on the 200yd range.

Firearms: Semiauto AR type Rifle chambered in .223 or 5.56 only (No Green tip/ Armor Piercing of any kind), Semiauto Pistol chambered in standard non-magnum pistol calibers (no AK or AR pistols), Pump or Semiauto Shotgun loaded with bird/ target ammo only (no slugs or buck shot)

Kit: Wrap around eye pro, Ear pro, minimum two pistol and two rifle magazines, pistol holster, magazine holders, shotgun shell holder (optional), rifle sling (optional)

Shooting kit is expensive and people ask why we need to have it. Keep in mind that not having a way to grab magazines easily off your kit can lead to a flagging incident while fumbling for magazines in pockets. Shooting kit is a personal thing, it should be functional, safe and work for you.

Ammo count: 100 rds Rifle, 100 rds pistol, 25 rds shotgun (Anyone found shooting armor piercing ammo will be asked to leave immediately)

Course of fire and safety brief will be given at 0900. Late shooters will fall in on the event only after being briefed by the ARPC RSO.

Specific safety procedures and course of fire will be given in detail the morning or the event. Some examples of safety violations include muzzle flagging, not clearing a firearm after the course of fire, finger on the trigger when not having a sight picture, and firearm not on safe unless having a sight picture. We are not authorized to draw a loaded pistol in this event per AGC safety regulations.

Chow: There will be our usual grill food and drinks available on the range. So please bring some extra cash for a food donation.

Event Donation: ARPC will be accepting a $10 donation per shooter for the event. ARPC steel fund donations are used for the maintenance of current targets and purchasing of new steel targets.

This is a popular event for our members as they like the personal challenge it presents. Hope to see you there!

One Response to Saturday’s 3-Gun Event Details, September 19, 2015

  1. Tim Niemeyer says:

    Had an absolute BLAST!!! Everyone was really receptive and helpful. My first time doing 3 Gun, and I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks Everyone!

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