ARPC is an NRA Gold Medal Club!

The National Rifle Association recognizes outstanding clubs that have gone above and beyond by striving to meet NRA’s goals.

The Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc. was awarded Gold Metal Club
status for 2014. Congratulations club members.

We’ll receive a plaque and year tab soon.

We must reapply annually.

Pat Koehler
ARPC Treasurer

7 Responses to ARPC is an NRA Gold Medal Club!

  1. Dave Dobbs says:

    Thanks BoD for submitting us and congratulations. We’ll work to keep up that special status.

  2. Chris Lekhavanija says:


  3. says:

    Thanks  Pat   

  4. Pat says:

    Not that I know of Rob but you did give me an idea. We are re-designing the ARPC logo and when we have them embroidered we’ll add a tab indicating we are a NRA Gold Medal Club. I’ll ask the designers to add it today.

  5. Ron Bartyczak says:

    NRA Gold Medal Club award makes me even more proud to be an ARPC member.

  6. Rob Hill says:

    Awesome! Do we get a patch for our jacket or hat?

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