Another Steel Challenge Tactical/Practical Feb 7th


On Saturday, Feb 7th 0900-1500hrs, the Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club will be conducting another one of its Steel Challenge Tactical/ Practical events on the 200 yd range. For those that have attended in the past, you have had fun, challenged yourself, and learned some new practical skills. This event will be no different. Our numbers have grown due to the popularity of these events and will continue to do so. For those that have not attended before, don’t be bashful. Come on out and meet the challenge.

The 200 yd range will be closed for public use for the day. Our firing line will start at the 100 yd line for rifle and move to 15 yd line for pistol. The course of fire will be dynamic and quick. Details will be given on site.

Required items: full coverage eye pro, ear pro, pistol, rifle, at least two mags for each, minimum 100 rounds for each and a good attitude.

Recommended: mag pouches, pistol holster, rifle optics, tactical rifle sling, cleaning kit and gun oil.

Safety Brief will be given on site before the first round is fired. No one will be allowed to fire without a brief.
No armor piercing rounds, no magnum rifle rounds, .308/ 7.62 and below allowed.

In case you’re wondering, there will be a Pro-timer device to add some shooting stress and for those that need more of a challenge, we will accommodate you. We will have the finest range chow, hot and ready for when you come off the firing line provided by our range mother, Pat. As always, donations for food and drink are greatly appreciated. These donations go directly into funding great events like this and allow us to fix and buy new targets.

See you there!

Paul Casale
Executive Officer
Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club

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  1. Lynda Parks says:

    Please have the Range Mother ( Pat) email me. Thanks

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