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It is time for range badge and ARPC club membership renewals and I’d like to point out some of the features we have instituted and incorporated into the club’s web site. Last year we began club membership renewals by mail. Turn around, under normal circumstances takes approximately five days. Please take advantage of it. Find the Membership & Dues Payment form under “Downloads.” As always, the club mailing address is noted in the welcome post at the top of the web site. The AGC badge renewal process can be started at home by clicking the AGC badge icon and making credit card payment on-line. Print the receipt and take it to the range for your annual sticker. The NRA membership renewal process can be done from home as well. Click the NRA icon and you’re half way there to secure your membership or renewal on-line. The club gets a stipend for every transaction made. Interested in the CMP or the AGC? Just another click away. Yes, we also host information about club events and schedules. Changing e-mail addresses? Don’t forget to add your addy to the club blog follower. Wondering why I ask for your e-mail address? There is the answer. Looking for a club officer’s e-mail address? They are listed by title on the site. Wondering how to find the club site? Look here:

We have close to 170 members now. If you have recommendations to improve our ability to push information “out there” please let us know. Also, we may be lacking so if there is something club related and you can’t find it, let us know that too.

If you’d like to be a club ambassador, we have “business cards” to give shooters that may be interested in joining the ARPC. Contact me at most any event or monthly meeting and I’ll give you a few.

Pat Koehler
ARPC Treasurer

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