We Need Campaign Signs For Frame Builds

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

Please contact your local county political clubs and or candidates, be they Democrat or Republican and ask them if we can have their plastic political signs when they are finished with them. We are willing to drive around an pick them up.

We are getting very low and really need to stock up on these signs to use for our Juniors fundraiser frame builds. The 4 x 8 foot signs are preferred, but we can use anything that is larger than 17″ x 30″.

Thank you,

Rob Cowan
President, Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club

One Response to We Need Campaign Signs For Frame Builds

  1. RONALD LEVIN says:

    Please solicit liquor stores-they always have outdated sales signs they would love to get rid of.

    I have always used them as my source. It does not hurt to buy something first, then strike up a conversation.

    Ron Levin

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