Juniors’ Smallbore Rifles Stolen

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

Many of you have may not have heard about the Juniors team .22 rifles being stolen. We were able to borrow 10 rifles from Mt. Washington Rifle and Pistol Club, so we are okay for this year. We are trying to find ways to raise money to replace the stolen rifles. We are open to suggestions for fund raisers. We are starting with a donation can for the Juniors Rifles at our club shoots. If anyone would like to make a donation to the Juniors, you can either put it in the can or send a donation to the club mailing address:

Arlington Rifle & Pistol Club
P.O. Box 69
Simpsonville, MD 21150-0069

Don’t forget, there will be a steel plate rifle shoot Sunday from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. We will have hot dogs and soft drinks. It looks like it will be a nice day to get outside and enjoy the range.

One Response to Juniors’ Smallbore Rifles Stolen

  1. Robert Sala says:

    Sorry to ask a silly question, but, how many Rifles were stolen, and how much to replace one rifle?

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