Membership and Membership Renewals

Membership and Membership Renewals

At year’s end you have plenty to do preparing for the holidays so the ARPC officers have decided to make membership renewals a bit easier
during the holiday season.

We will soon add a link to the ARPC web site that will direct users to the AGC web site for those who wish to make credit card payments for their annual range badges.

Also, the club web site will soon host a link to the NRA. This link under the NRA Recruiting Program allows ARPC members and prospective members to renew or join the NRA. The ARPC will receive a stipend for each membership enrolled through this link.

Happy Holidays
Pat Koehler
ARPC Treasurer

ARPC Hosts US Army Marksmanship Tournament, Dec 7 & 8

To all:
ARPC hosted and shot the US Army Marksmanship Tournament at our range on Dec 7 & 8. This was the first tournament we have ever hosted. Mother Nature threw us a curve ball on Sunday (SNOW!!!!!), but we were able to make other arrangements so that additional teams could shoot. In all we had a total of 37 shooters and 8 teams participate, between Sporter and Precision class. To the volunteers that helped, thank you very much.

Now to the information everyone wants…the results……….(all results are preliminary until finals are posted on January 6, 2014) I don’t expect any changes.


In Precision Class: Total of 287 competitors
Liz shot 538-10 and finished 137th nationally.

In Sporter Class: Total of 595 shooters
Carter shot 405-2 and finished 449th nationally
Jade shot 449-9 and finished 332nd nationally
Melyssa shot 452-6 and finished 317th nationally
Patrick shot 464-4 and finished 276th nationally
Ethan shot 475-2 and finished 241st nationally
Chance shot 478-10 and finished 224th nationally
Zac shot 481-8 and finished 208th nationally
Jared shot 498-10 and finished 141st nationally
Liz shot 531-10 and finished 28th nationally

Team Competition: 122 teams competed
ARPC Purple (Liz, Jared Zac, Chance) Team Score of 1988-38 and finished 25th
ARPC Blue (Patrick, Ethan Jade, Carter) Team Score of 1793-17 and finished 67th

State of Maryland:

In Precision: 12 Competitors
Liz finished 8th

In Sporter: 26 Competitors

Carter finished 22nd
Jade finished 18th
Melyssa finished 16th
Patrick finished 14th
Ethan finished 13th
Chance finished 11th
Zac finished 10th
Jared finished 6th
Liz finished 1st

Team Competition:

ARPC Purple (Liz, Jared Zac, Chance) Team Score of 1988-38 and finished 2nd
ARPC Blue (Patrick, Ethan Jade, Carter) Team Score of 1793-17 and finished 4th

Depending on how the invitations roll down for the US Army Marksmanship National Finals (Feb 26-28 at Fort Benning GA), we could be sending some shooters from our club. We will know after January 6, 2014, who is invited for the nationals.



And a special thank you to Coach Chuck for his patience, training and sense of humor and for all he has done for our shooters both young and old.

Ed Bark
Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club

Photos from the 200-yd Shoot on Sunday, Dec. 14

Paul’s Heat – Click on the picture to see the entire album.

Please Follow the ARPC Blog

To all current and past members of the Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club (ARPC)

In the near future the club will use the Blog feature on the ARPC web page at to distribute all correspondence to the membership. Please add your e-mail address in the box in the section titled “Follow Arlington RPC Blog via E-mail” on the right-hand side of the web page, then click “Follow.” You will receive an email with a link which you must click on to verify the Blog reply at your earliest convenience. There are 60 followers to date.

Reminder: 2014 dues are being collected. There are two choices – either by mail or in person. There is accompanying paperwork to be completed. The form is on the web site and is easily downloaded. Please remit by check payable to the Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club.

While your at it, please review the club news. Of note, the club has several events this coming year featuring steel targets, food and we have asked other clubs to join us in the fun.

Pat Koehler
ARPC Treasurer

Upcoming Events for Remainder of 2013

To Arlington club members,
There is a fundraiser frame build benefiting the Arlington Junior  this Saturday, December 7th, from 9:00 – 12:00 in the lower Barnes Range House.    No experience or tools are required.   We work on an assembly line where each person performs one or two simple tasks.

Wednesday, December 11th from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., we will be having our club meeting.   We will be having our annual club elections.  Please let me know if you are interested in running for a club officer position.   We also need volunteers to help plan our club events for next year.    We are looking to add some more 3-gun shoots, action pistol and travel shotgun events.   Please let us know if you are interested.

Saturday, December 14th, from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. We will be having a steel plate rifle shoot at the 200 yard range. Ring out the year by shooting steel plates.

The Arlington Juniors are having an indoor Air Rifle tournament this weekend at Memorial Hall.   Chuck and Ed are running the tournament.  Come on out to Memorial Hall if you would like to see the Arlington Juniors in Action.  Chuck and Ed will be a little short handed and could use some help.   If you can spare some time, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great week!