Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club Newsletter January 2013

Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club Newsletter
January 2013

We are off to a great start in 2013!

Our January 6th Frame Build/club workday was a terrific success. We cleaned out the Junior’s shed, extended the walls of the club frame building storage area, and inventoried all of the Juniors competition and practice frames to determine how many we need to replace or repair to get ready for the Libby Match. We also completed bases for the balance of the target frames we had left over from the previous build.

Our January 9th Club meeting:

We had a special guest speaker: John Josselyn the Legislative Vice President of the Associated Gun Clubs. John related to our club members that our gun rights are under the greatest threat since he can remember. He urged everyone to go to the Legislative section of the AGC website and register to receive the Legislative emails to stay current on the latest Legislative news on what is happening in Annapolis and nationally. He also stressed that we all need to use the AGC legislative email tool to write Maryland representatives in both the Maryland House and Senate about the pending gun bills. Maryland already has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country. If we don’t let our legislators hear from us, they will be hearing from the media. Many of them keep track of emails like a poll to help them decide how they are going to vote on a bill. If there is too much opposition to a bill, they will not vote for it.

We can’t sit on the sidelines folks. We have to let our legislators hear from us. It only takes a few minutes to write a brief respectful email. You can send that email to all of the members of the Maryland House of Representatives and the entire Maryland Senate with one click. There are instructions on how to do this and guidelines for the tone of what you are writing in the Legislative section of the AGC website. It will take less than 5 minutes to email the entire MD House of Representatives and Senate. It is a great feeling when you let your Maryland representatives know that you want our gun rights protected, not taken away. I try to send one or two emails a week to all of them.

Please consider coming to the Maryland Senate Gun Bill Day on February 6th. It is very important for a pro second amendment crowd be there to show the MD Senate that there is opposition to the Senate Bill 281. Please let Rob Cowan know if you can go to the Senate Hearing on the 6th. We can try to arrange car pools to the hearings in Annapolis. I guarantee that you will find it a learning experience to be at the hearings. It is a sacrifice to go to the hearings, but you will feel good to be doing your part to stop this infringement on our Constitutional Rights.

2. Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club is forming three teams or clubs:

Shotgun travel club – Our club Secretary, Steven Hackett, AKA, Shotgun is forming a road trip shotgun club that will travel to local ranges to shoot skeet, trap and sporting clays. If you would like to have a lot of fun, Shotgun knows all of the best spots. I went to Loch Raven with him and had a great time shooting skeet, trap, wobble trap and 5 -stand. He is a great teacher for those who haven’t done this before.

Arlington High Power Team – Our club Vice President, Ben Feck: is asking anyone interested in participating on Arlington’s High Power team to contact him. It is a terrific way to learn how to shoot high power and have fun shooting in competitions. It’s also a great way to meet people, learn a valuable skill and have a good time.

Pistol Competition Team – Our club treasurer, Rusty Gunter is asking anyone interested in shooting in local pistol competitions to get in touch with him. We would like to get a group of Arlington Club members together to go to local ranges to compete in IDPA, IPSC or USPSA competitions. It will be a lot of fun for club members to compete together. Hopefully, we can bring your skills back to the AGC and get a similar program started there.

3. Guest speakers, special topics, and demonstrations: Please let us know what special topics, speakers or demonstrations you would like to have at our club meetings. We would like to try to bring in speakers, have demonstrations or discuss special topics of interest at our meetings.

We would like to have a show and tell portion of the meeting where club members can bring different items in to show the club what they are working on or have recently purchased.

We are going to start a swap counter at the back of the room at our club meetings. If you have an item that you would like to sell, you can place it on the counter at the back of the room during a meeting with your name and an asking price.

Club hats – The club hats are all but sold out. Steven Hackett will be ordering more Arlington Club hats for us that will be on sale at future club events for $10 each.

Steel Plate Pistol Shoot on January 13th – Our first pistol shoot of the year was a huge success. We had well over 60 members and guests in attendance. Dave Boone noted that it was the largest Arlington Pistol Shoot he has seen since he was a member. We had steel plates at 50 yards, plastic jugs, animals, softballs at 25 yards and paper targets at 10 and 7.5 yards. Everyone had a great time. People from other clubs are always coming over to ask about how we are able to put such big shoots together. I say we have a lot of terrific people in our club who volunteer. Arlington has the best group of volunteers at the AGC. A big thanks to everyone who helped set up and take down the shoot. Thank you to all of our club Ambassadors. Our club Ambassadors are club members who volunteered to team up and shoot with a guest. We had a boatload of them at the shoot. They all said that they had a terrific time shooting with our club thanks to you. You are why Arlington gained over 60 members last year. We have already voted in 6 new members in January. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Arlington reach 200 members by the end of 2013. The more members we have, the more we will be able to do as a club.

Bust Fest/ Trap Shoot on January 27th – It started out as a cold day with snow on the ground at trap 4, but the sun came out and so did our club members and guests. We had over 30 members and guests come to our bust fest. The sun was shining and the clay birds were flying. We had three portable traps throwing 5 or 6 birds in the air for our club shooters. By the end of the day, we had six or 8 shooters shooting down the flock of clay pigeons all at once. Jim Shaw provided the sound effects with his duck call. We had a heck of a lot of fun on a sunny January morning and afternoon. If you haven’t come to a bust fest before, try to make the next one. You will have a blast!

Upcoming club events for February 2013:

1. Feb 6, 2013 – Club meeting 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Memorial Hall
2. Feb 6 2013 – Senate Gun Bill Day Hearings in Annapolis.
3. Feb 9, 2013 – 100 yard steel plate rifle shoot from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
4. Feb 10, 2013 – Fundraiser Frame Build, benefitting the Juniors team
5. Feb 23, 2013 – Steel Plate Pistol Shoot 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Welcome to Arlington Rifle & Pistol Club!

Arlington Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc. was chartered by the NRA in 1943.  We are a charter member of the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc (AGC).  Arlington Rifle & Pistol Club is also affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Cost for club membership is currently $40 per year.

Members of Arlington Rifle & Pistol Club who purchase AGC range badges are authorized to use all of the AGC Ranges and other facilities.   You can click here to learn more about the AGC Ranges.  The AGC Ranges are located at 11518 Marriottsville Road, Marriottsville, MD 21104

Club meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month, starting at 7:00 P.M. at the Marriottsville Trap Range.  

We encourage all of our members to get involved with club activities and we strive to provide activities that meet the diverse interests of our members.  Monthly club shoots and instructional programs are held on the first or second Saturday and the second or third Sunday of each month from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. at the Marriottsville Range. Prospective members and guests are always welcome to attend our club-sponsored events.

We have a very active program for Junior shooters.  We shoot at the indoor air rifle range during the winter months and we use the Barnes range at Marriottsville for small bore shoots during the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Club Mailing Address
Arlington Rifle & Pistol Club
P.O. Box 69
Simpsonville, MD 21150-0069