ARPC President’s Monthly Column for July 2012

Greetings Arlington members,

The highlight of this month’s AGC meeting was a presentation made by a representative of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The AGC trustees agreed to allow the DNR to host the National Hunting and Fishing Day at the AGC on Saturday, September 22, 2012. The event will run from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Although DNR employees will run most of the events, the AGC is looking for volunteers to help with parking and logistics. The day will be free and open to the public and in addition to shooting on the AGC ranges, there will also be vendors and dog demonstrations. The DNR will handle advertising and promotion but there may be a chance for the clubs to help out with things like food vending. This will be the first Day the DNR has run on the west side of Baltimore so they are not sure what kind of turnout to expect. Past Days have resulted in a turnout of up to 800 but we may see more. Your Arlington board is considering having the juniors participate in this event. Arlington has two events scheduled that Saturday but your board has agreed to cancel a 100 yard shoot and junior’s practice so the AGC can host the DNR program.

Tom D’Asto gave a Secretary’s report and noted badge sales to date are 2239 which compares to 1921 badges sold this time last year. Gordon Nahas started the Treasurer’s report by commenting that the Trap committee finances were a “train wreck” and he will have to start with a new committee as nearly all of the commmittee resigned last month. This dovetailed into a discussion during the Vice-President’s report that instead of hiring a part-time office manager as discussed earlier this year, that the AGC hire a part-time person to run the trap finances. We need one person who is responsible for filling out the financial paperwork properly and can reliably get this information to Gordon. One of the tenants is sixty days late with rent so the trustees approved a motion (voice vote) to give the AGC board authority to deal with the tenant as they saw fit. Most likely the tenant will be given notice to vacate the property, but that is still being discussed by the board. Gordon also wants to upgrade the office computer to be able to handle Point of Sale transactions (future badge sales, frame sales, etc.).

Ken Brown (Executive Vice-President) reported the rollover calendar should be finalized by the end of this month. Your club President will make sure all of the club events on this year’s calendar get carried over onto the 2013 calendar.

Bryant Cramer (Vice-President) thanked all of those people who came out on Saturday, June 30th (day after the big storm) and helped clean up the property. The AGC had to replace four capacitors on the property which may have been damaged by the power surges from the storm. New safety signs have been placed on the pistol range and the trustees were given an updated range rules violations list. Bryant encouraged all club officers to review the current range rules with the membership. Some of the more common violations include not using open action indicators during cease fires and failing to remove magazines during cease fires. There will be further discussion of the range rules at the next club meeting. Bryant also emphasized that we will need new volunteers for the trap committee and we must get a handle on the trap finances. The AGC should not lose money on trap but according to Gordon the AGC is showing a net loss for the year to date. There was then a discussion among the trustees as to whether or not trap should be a profit center for the AGC or if we should just break even with trap. It appears there will be price increases soon for birds and shells. Bryant concluded his report by reminding all trustees that new alarm codes have been installed.

John Josselyn gave a Legislative report by simply noting that there has been “progress.”

The Machine Gun commmittee reported 113 out of 131 have qualified so far this year (86%) and 5 out of 5 sub guns qualified and 2 out of 2 machine guns have qualified this month. The next qualification date is set for July 20. There was no Smallbore report and the Bow committee noted they are waiting for the new berm to be completed. The Blackpower commmittee reported the shoot for 6/30/12 was cancelled due to the range being closed and there was no Pistol report. High Power reported the spring league has finished and the results have been sent out.

The RS-SOP committee gave a presentation on proposed photo ID cards the AGC would like to implement starting in 2013. The cards will have the photo of the member on one side with their club affiliation and other basic information on the back. There will be an option to include important medical information (magnetic strip) but this will be soley at the discretion of the individual member. There will be space on the front of the card to place small holographic decals to show that the member has renewed for that year. The cards are predicted to last about seven years and members will keep the same badge number for the life of the card. The cost of the cards has not yet been determined and no votes will be taken on this plan until the financials are discussed.

There was another discussion of hunting on AGC property. The area to be hunted was reviewed by the trustees and the presenter indicated the areas surveyed should be safe for hunting with bows and blackpowder (no issues with the rental houses). Also, a means of exit and egress have been mapped out so the property can be accessed while the ranges are hot. The planned hunt will take place during the Maryland hunting season and all state hunting rules/limits will apply. The presenter of the plan is a member of Baltimore Rifle Club and he advised that the proposal for AGC hunting can be found on their website. A question was raised by the trustees asking if the AGC insurance covers hunting. Del responded that the AGC policy will cover hunting activities.

Under new business Arlington requested to be allowed to use steel targets at the pistol shoot on 7/15. The trustess approved Arlington’s request. A presentation was then made by Monumental for the AGC to host an Air Pistol League. It seems some testing has already taken place and the AGC board seems receptive to the idea. Monumental provided some sample steel targets and so far there do not appear to be any safety issues. The location of the air pistol range and other matters still have not been resolved but we should have a firm plan by the next AGC meeting. The trustees approved (voice vote) a motion to allow the AGC to look into the matter further and to finalize a plan for the league on AGC property. The planners are looking at limiting the shoot to CO 2 pistols only and the proposed entry fee will be $5. Skip Wine reported the Wobble Trap will be out of commission for a short period while the electronics are upgraded. Skip found a company which will upgrade the electronics (token system) for a nominal cost.

Ken Brown then brought up the issue of possibly investing in two power generators for the AGC to keep the ranges up and running during power outages. There was some controversey as to how to proceed with financing this expense which is projected to run about $11K. The proposal of purchasing generators has been placed on the Capital Improvements list created by the Vice President and the Vice President suggested that the proposal be kept on the list and prioritized by the trustees. If a high priority is placed on it then the matter of purchasing generators can be moved to the top of the list.

The 34th Annual Lewis Libby Juniors Match took place on June 9th. It was a great success as we had nearly double the number of entrants compared to last year and we had excellent weather. The operation of the Match went smoothly and although there was some talk about obtaining NRA-sanctioning for the Libby starting next year, these plans have been placed on hold. This year we had an entry-level category for new shooters which was popular with parents and coaches. NRA rules would not permit us to have this category in a sanctioned match so at this point we will keep the Libby as is. The second event for June was a pistol shoot the next day (June 10th) which was also a success – we had the best turnout we have ever had for any club pistol shoot that day. We then had another pistol shoot on 7/15 and as noted, we got permission to use steel targets on the pistol range. This was also a great success and it appears the pistol shoots are getting better turnouts that Bust Fests. We did not have a frame build in June as the AGC had a surplus of frames and several of your club board members were not available. We did have a build on 7/7 which went well. Turnout was light but we did have just enough volunteers to complete 40 frames.

Our next event is a Skeet Shoot set for this Saturday, 7/28 at 9:30 a.m. We will meet under the picnic pavillion at the Loch Raven Skeet and Trap Club and will break up into groups and shoot skeet, five-stand or Chinese wobble. Please note each member must pay for their rounds before leaving the property (so bring plenty of $).

See you at the range,

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