Juniors Events Report for June

The month of June was very busy for the Juniors Team. The month began with the ARPC Libby Match. There were 13 of our juniors competing in the match. The juniors were:

Angus T. (first tournament) (score of 493, 1 center, 4 targets)
Ginny T. (first tournament) (score of 1230, 10 centers, 8 targets
Michael M./ (score of 1372, 6 centers, 8 targets)
Erik F. (first tournament) (score of 626, 1 center, 4 targets)
Carter S. (first tournament) (score of 720, 8 centers, 4 targets)
Justin V. (score of 1565, 61 centers, 8 targets
Wynn L. (score of 1504, 26 centers, 8 targets)
Liz B. (score of 1564, 49 centers, 8 targets
Claire O. (first smallbore tournament) (score of 602, 6 centers, 4 targets)
Jade B. (first tournament) (score of 681, 7 centers, 4 targets)
Torrance K. (score of 1565, 62 centers, 8 targets)
Jared B. (first tournament) (score of 1329, 14 centers, 8 targets)
Patrick S. (first tournament) (score of 1293, 9 centers, 8 targets)

In team competition ARPC placed 2nd, only 3 points out of first place. The winning team from Arundel Fish and Game included one (1) college freshman, one (1) graduating high school senior and two (2) high school students. Our team consisted of one (1) high school sophomore student and 3 middle school students. And we only lost by three points. That says a lot about the quality of our shooters and the coaching they receive.

For individual awards:

Beginners (Under 12): First place went to Carter S.
Subjuniors: First Place Torrance K.
Second Place Liz B.
Intermediate Juniors: Third Place Michael M.
Juniors: Second Place Justin V.

There were a total of 31 shooters in this year’s tournament. That’s almost double the number we had last year. Congratulations to Sheldon Parker and all his volunteers for an amazing tournament.

The weekend of the June 23 and 24 had several juniors and one OG (Old Guy) participating in the Seitzland 3200 Point Prone Tournament in New Freedom, PA. The competitors and scores were as follows:

Wynn L. (score of 3111, 123 centers)
Justin V. (score of 3110, 114 centers)
Torrance K. (score of 3070, 96 centers)
Jared B. (score of 1467, 30 centers, only shot the first day)
Ben F. (score of 3131, 161 centers) (our OG shooter)

Congratulations to all the shooters for performing so well.

To close out the month of June, Liz B. made ARPC club history by becoming the first Junior to participate in the NRA National Air Rifle Championships as a member of the Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association Sporter Team. The tournament was held June 26-28 in Anniston, Alabama. To say that Liz held her own is an understatement. She proved that she can handle the pressure of a national tournament. Her very first shot in the tournament was a 10X. Her last shot in the tournament was a 10X. What a great way to start and finish your first national tournament.

Her scores and rankings were as follows:

Day 1: 517
Day 2: 513
Total for two days: 1030 (personal tournament high)

Second Place aggregate score on the Maryland State Sporter Team
5th place out of 15 shooters in the Subjunior category
60th place out of 109 total sporter shooters
1st place prone position for Subjunior shooters
1st place prone position for the Maryland State Sporter team

Congratulations to Liz for a job well done.

Be ready for the month of July as we have several juniors and OG (Guys and Gals) shooting in an international smallbore tournament on July 14 in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Liz B. will be participating in the NRA 2012 National Metric Smallbore Championships in Bristol, Indiana on July 13-16.

The month of July will be GREAT!!!

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