ArlingtonRPC Juniors Competition Update

On April 14th, three of our Juniors participated in the Maryland 3P Juniors Olympics Air Rifle Championships. Again, our Juniors showed the state of Maryland that ARPC is a team to be reckoned with. Out of 41 sporter class shooters our juniors finished as follows:

Torrance K – finished 8th with a score of 501
Liz B – finished 9th with a score of 499
Wynn L – finished 15th with a score of 465

In the subjunior category, our club swept again with Torrance placing 1st, Liz placing 2nd and Wynn placing 3rd.

Congratulation to our Juniors and Coach Chuck for a great performance.

On Saturday, May 12, the ARPC Juniors and OG (Old Guys) teams participated in the Maryland State 3P Smallbore Championships. The tournament consisted of 40 shots prone, 40 shots standing and 40 shots kneeling. Our scores were as follows:

Liz B – Score of 996 placed 15th out of 37, placed 3rd out of 10 in overall Subjuniors and placed 1st in Kneeling position for Subjuniors. Increase over last years score for this tournament of over 300 points.

Ben F – Score of 970 placed 20th out of 37. This was Ben’s first 3P Smallbore tournament.

Torrance K – score of 954 placed 21st out of 37 placed 4th out of 10 in overall Subjuniors and placed 1st in Prone position for Subjuniors. This was Torrance’s first 3P Smallbore tournament.

Ed B – Score of 823 placed 29th out of 37. Increase over last years score of over 100 points.

Wynn L – Score of 758 placed 31st out of 37 and placed 7th out of 10 in overall Subjuniors. This was Wynn’s first 3P Smallbore tournament.

Brian S – Score of 662 placed 35 out of 37.

Also unknown to Coach Chuck, Patricia Z, Arlington Club member, participated in the tournament also and scored as follows: score of 854 placed 27th out of 37. This was her first 3P Smallbore tournament.

Congratulations to our Juniors, OG’s, Patricia and Coach Chuck for a great performance!


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